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Grecian columns Greek temple

We saw places in Europe we only dreamt of… and saved money

Hi Frugalistas! I’m delighted to bring you this guest post courtesy of fellow Australian blogger, Lyn, from A Hole in My Shoe.  Cruises are not my area of expertise, and I know they can be expensive.  And that’s before you do any shore excursions.  Lyn and her husband, Steve, managed to do their dream Mediterranean cruise in […]

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rooftops of Vernazza with the sea and a headland in the background

Friday fotos – walking the Cinque Terre

Hi Frugalistas! I’ve written at some length about the Cinque Terre.  It’s one of my favourite parts of Italy.  Based on your feedback and the enduring popularity of my posts, it seems you do too.  The Cinque Terre is world renowned for its hiking.  Despite a number of the trails still being closed since storms […]

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sunset view of the Blue Mosque with minarets and lights

The 7 deadly sins that stop you being a frugal first class traveller – and how to avoid them!

Hi Frugalistas! Do you want to be a frugal, but first class traveller?  Do you always have good intentions to make the most of your travel dollar, but never seem to get there?  Do you always blow the budget?  Well, help is at hand!  I absolutely believe everyone can have the trip of a life […]

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metal arches at Canary Wharf Underground Station with escalators

Friday fotos – Canary Wharf – a different view of London

Hi Frugalistas! Think of London….eyes shut tight….what is in your mind?  Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Harrods?  Pomp and ceremony, double decker buses, and who can forget those glorious afternoon teas?  When I last travelled to London it was for work that was in the Docklands area of East London, so I needed to look further […]

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plate of cold meats and cheeses, white toaster

Your first trip to Europe – what to expect in a 3 star hotel

Hi Frugalistas! You’ve decided to take your first trip to Europe – how exciting!  Now you need to make decisions.  What airline to book, what to do, and most importantly where to stay!  It’s very tempting to stick with the familiar and stay at a chain hotel.  You know what to expect, what the room […]

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girl walking on the beach at sunset

8 things to do on a mother-daughter trip

Hi Frugalistas! Sometimes I travel alone.  Sometimes we travel as a family.  But what I love to do is take mother-daughter holidays (vacations) with my daughter MissG.  Her are my top tips for making your mother-daughter trip a successful and meaningful experience for you both: Do something luxurious Going to the spa is a fabulous […]

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Why a driving holiday could be your dream holiday

This post is in collaboration with Economy Car Hire and supports the operation of frugalfirstclasstravel It often feels like the world is getting smaller. Technology and accessible travel mean even the most exotic destinations are now at your fingertips. However, this also means the list of must-see destinations is constantly getting longer! Over the years […]

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wooden waterwheel

Friday fotos – photos of the backlanes of Provence

Hi Frugalistas! I recently posted some very old photos from a trip to Provence on Istagram.  Despite their age they were a great hit, so I’m sharing more today with blog readers.  Forget about the beach and fields of lavender – instead I’m focussing on the little details that make Provence special.  Think quiet backlanes, […]

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tropical sunset with palm trees and water

How to be a frugal first class traveller

Hi Frugalistas! What does frugal but first class mean to you?  Is frugal but first class a contradiction?  Of course not, or I wouldn’t have a blog!  I absolutely believe that everyone can travel, and can have a first class experience, regardless of their budget.  Here’s how: Frugal first class travellers plan and research Investing […]

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An insider's guide to Belfast

Beyond the Troubles – an insider’s guide to Belfast

Hi Frugalistas! The latest Insider Guide visits a misunderstood and forgotten part of Ireland – Belfast. Situated in the less touristy Northern Ireland, Belfast is proudly throwing off its troubled past. Resident Els Mahieu is our host. Most people’s knowledge of Belfast is limited to The Troubles and the accompanying violence. How do you describe […]

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