Cutting costs for Car Rental in the UK

The hardest and most exciting part of planning your vacation is deciding what to do first. And if you’re travelling to the UK there are definitely a lot of things to do. Whether you’re a history buff looking to visit famous landmarks or one of those nature lovers needing to commune with the environment or someone who […]

Food markets in Montreal

beans and bell peppers at Food markets in Montreal
Food markets in Montreal

  Hi Frugalistas!  Continuing my theme of exploring the “Frenchness” of Canada, I’m turning my attention to markets.  I love markets when I travel in Europe.  Judging from your feedback, I know you do too, so when I discovered there was more than one fabulous food market in Montreal I knew I had to visit […]

How to find France in North America

how to find France in North America

Hi Frugalistas!  Well, I’m back from Canada, and have so much to share with you.  Being the true Francophile I am one of the things I was keen to explore was the “Frenchness” of Canada, particularly Quebec.  How to find France in North America was one of my goals.  During my time in Montreal and Quebec […]

Visiting the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

Original statues of the Carytids Visiting the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  I’ve written a number of posts about my adventures in Athens, but am yet to write about the number one thing on everyone’s Athens wish list:  visiting the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum.  That iconic site that dominates the Athens skyline, and its accompanying museum make a wonderful half day tour.  Even if ancient ruins […]

The new frugal first class travel

Aerial view of the Aegean Sea with islands frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas! Thanks so much for sharing this special post with me. While the new has been live for a number of days now I’ve been patiently waiting for you, the wonderful loyal Frugalistas who subscribe by email and via WordPress to join me before I sent my first new post out.  Now that the […]

How You Can Go to Europe for Less

A European vacation is something that many people dream about.  Going to Europe is something that is often out of the budget that someone has to spend.  Learning how to save money and find budget friendly deals is something that can make your dream come true. Saving Money on European Travel Opt for Travel Tours […]