The English library in Quebec City

A traditional English library in Quebec City first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  Hidden in a quiet corner of central Quebec City is a quintessentially English building, with a quintessentially English library.  The Morrin Centre was originally a jail, then a College, before finally becoming the only English library in Quebec City.  I loved looking around this little corner of England right in the tres francais […]

Speaking French in Quebec

Speaking French in Quebec frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  I take regular French lessons but don’t have a lot of opportunity to speak French at home.  One of the things I was excited about doing was speaking French in Quebec on my recent trip to Canada.  I hadn’t been to a French speaking country since I was in Paris in 2014.  I […]

A French Chateau in Montreal

Carved wooden frieze at Chateau Ramezay a A French Chateau in Montreal

Hi Frugalistas!  If you Google the search term “chateau in Montreal” there are a plethora of results.  Most of them are hotels in Montreal.  Some of them are hotels in the Dordogne.  One is even a kebab shop!  But look carefully and there is one French chateau in Montreal in those Google searches.  The Chateau […]

Cruise Ship vs. Ocean Liner: What’s the Difference?

Are you planning to embark on a trip to the Caribbean via ship? Before buying a ticket and heading out to the nearest port with your special someone, you answer an important question: are you taking your holiday trip on a cruise ship or an ocean liner? Over the years, both terms are frequently used interchangeably. Although both ships […]

Basilique Notre Dame Montreal

Stained glass window Basilique Notre Dame Montreal

Hi Frugalistas!  Continuing my search for the Frenchness of Canada today I’m exploring the magnificent Basilique Notre Dame in Montreal.  But Notre Dame Montreal is definitely French with a twist.  Not a copy of its favourite Paris namesake there is far more to this beautiful building than meets the eye! Where is Basilique Notre Dame […]

Cutting costs for Car Rental in the UK

The hardest and most exciting part of planning your vacation is deciding what to do first. And if you’re travelling to the UK there are definitely a lot of things to do. Whether you’re a history buff looking to visit famous landmarks or one of those nature lovers needing to commune with the environment or someone who […]

Food markets in Montreal

beans and bell peppers at Food markets in Montreal
Food markets in Montreal

  Hi Frugalistas!  Continuing my theme of exploring the “Frenchness” of Canada, I’m turning my attention to markets.  I love markets when I travel in Europe.  Judging from your feedback, I know you do too, so when I discovered there was more than one fabulous food market in Montreal I knew I had to visit […]

How to find France in North America

how to find France in North America

Hi Frugalistas!  Well, I’m back from Canada, and have so much to share with you.  Being the true Francophile I am one of the things I was keen to explore was the “Frenchness” of Canada, particularly Quebec.  How to find France in North America was one of my goals.  During my time in Montreal and Quebec […]