A unique experience in Quebec City

The traditional rooms are so pretty. Even though you have to walk down the corridor to your own private bathroom, I think it would be my choice

Hi Frugalistas!  When I was discussing my itinerary with Quebec Tourisme for my trip to Canada, I set them a task.  I wanted to visit somewhere I wouldn’t find in a guide book.  You know how I love finding and highlighting those little pearls that no one else knows about.  Well, they delivered.  They found […]

The 10 best foods in Quebec

10 best foods to eat in Quebec frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  Regular readers will know how much I love eating local foods, and drinking local drinks.  I find it one of the best ways to understand a place and its people.  So much history and culture is tied to food.  So when I was visiting Montreal and Quebec City trying local food, and drinking […]

Exciting Attractions to Visit in Gran Canaria

Dropping by Spain this summer? If so, make sure that you add the Gran Canaria to your itinerary. This is one of the most populous destinations found in the Canary Islands. Once you set food on the island, you will be drawn to the stunning coastlines, beaches, and attractions. Even though Gran Canaria has become […]

A fun food walking tour in Quebec City

A fun food walk in Quebec City frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  Regular readers will know that I love exploring food when I travel.  One of my favourite ways to explore food is to take a food walking tour.  You get to spend a few hours with a local, eat food you wouldn’t dare taste otherwise (anyone remember my sheep’s head or chicken pudding in […]

The English library in Quebec City

A traditional English library in Quebec City first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  Hidden in a quiet corner of central Quebec City is a quintessentially English building, with a quintessentially English library.  The Morrin Centre was originally a jail, then a College, before finally becoming the only English library in Quebec City.  I loved looking around this little corner of England right in the tres francais […]

Speaking French in Quebec

Speaking French in Quebec frugal first class travel

Hi Frugalistas!  I take regular French lessons but don’t have a lot of opportunity to speak French at home.  One of the things I was excited about doing was speaking French in Quebec on my recent trip to Canada.  I hadn’t been to a French speaking country since I was in Paris in 2014.  I […]

A French Chateau in Montreal

Carved wooden frieze at Chateau Ramezay a A French Chateau in Montreal

Hi Frugalistas!  If you Google the search term “chateau in Montreal” there are a plethora of results.  Most of them are hotels in Montreal.  Some of them are hotels in the Dordogne.  One is even a kebab shop!  But look carefully and there is one French chateau in Montreal in those Google searches.  The Chateau […]