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Tabby cat sitting on a motorcycle in Anofiotika Athens Greece

Cats of Athens, oh, and a dog too!

Hi Frugalistas!  I’ve been having a lot of fun on Instagram over the past few weeks sharing photos of some very, very cute little kitties from my trip to Athens.  Athens is home to many, many cats (and quite a few dogs as well).  Around Monastiraki and Anofiotika they are a real attraction.  Please enjoy […]

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Turkish flag flying near the Topkapi Palace

The Pleasures of an Aegean Cruise

The advantages of an Aegean cruise are obvious aren’t they?  The opportunity to visit multiple cities and the world’s greatest treasures in a relatively short time.  Unpacking just once – that is true luxury, isn’t it?  All that wonderful food and entertainment.  The ability to do as much or as little as you like.  But a cruise […]

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Sydney Harbour bridge and palm tree viewed from the Hyatt Hotel

#JeSuisCharlie: When 3 Cities You Love Face Terror

Hi Frugalistas.  This is a different post for me.  As I start to write I’m not actually sure where I’m even heading with it.  Most readers would be familiar with events over the past few weeks, with Sydney, Istanbul and Paris being rocked by separate terrorist attacks.  Adding to that, I was in Athens with […]

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Malaysian Airline and British Airways plane

Hidden city ticketing: the best travel hack airlines don’t want you to know about?

Hi Frugalistas!  Have you ever realised that it’s sometimes cheaper to book an airfare with a connecting flight and get off at the connection, rather than book a direct flight to that same connecting destination?  I’d come across this myself recently, and wondered how common it was, and whether there was merit in trying it as a […]

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Manarola village in the Cinque Terre

The frugalfirstclasstravel top 10 posts of 2014

Hi Frugalistas!  Happy New Year and welcome to 2015.  Today I’m delighted to present to you my top 10 posts of 2014, based on my stats, and therefore as voted by you, my loyal readers.  Interestingly, many of my top 10 posts are older posts, and indeed some of them have proven more popular in […]

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pavlova with berries and fresh fruit

My top 10 Instagram pics of 2014

Hi Frugalistas!  As 2014 comes to a close, like many bloggers I’m reviewing my travels, my blog and my social media for the year.  My favourite social media channel is definitely Instagram.  I love choosing my favourite shots and sharing them with my ever growing audience.  I’m also so interested in what my Instagram followers like – it […]

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santons of the three wise men and Jesus in a manger

The travel souvenir that’s a part of our family Christmas tradition

Hi Frugalistas!  We put up our Christmas decorations yesterday.  One thing I love putting out every year is our crèche.  Crèche is the French word for a Nativity Scene, and ours is a very special one.  It is French, and is made of santons, traditional Provencal clay figurines.  Purchasing our santons, adding to our collection, and […]

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Ruins at the Acropolis in Athens

The do’s and don’ts of visiting Greek archaeological sites

Hi Frugalistas!  Greeks are proud of their history and culture.  As the cradle of democracy, philosophy, medicine and so many other cultural norms and institutions they are indeed right to do so.  Many visitors to Greece and to Athens in particular, visit to understand, experience and enjoy that history.  There are some rules for the unwary […]

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rack of coloured worry beads in Athens

Forget your worries in Athens

I spent my childhood in the second largest Greek city in the world, Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a neighbourhood with a large Greek population, and wooden worry beads were a common accessory for Greek men – young and old alike. I didn’t see many men with them in Athens, but I did see […]

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Doors to the Emirates Business Class lounge in Dubai

Emirates A380 Business Class: the frugalfirstclasstravel review

- rugalistas!  Regular readers will no doubt recall my review of the Emirates A380 First Class Suite last year.  It was very, very good, but in my comparison with Etihad Diamond First Class, I had to give it to Etihad.  I’ve travelled numerous times on the Etihad Pearl Business Class, so was curious see what […]

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